(ECMMY) - European Community Monitor Mission (Yugoslavia)

(ECMMY) - European Community Monitor Mission (Yugoslavia)

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To monitor the cease-fire agreement in the former Yugoslavian countries and to report on violations of the cease-fire agreements.


Awarded for 90 days cumulative service between 8 September 1991 to 19 December 1995.


The medal is a circular silver medal, 1.42 inches (35 mm) diameter.

on the obverse: in the centre of the obverse is the raised outline of the former Yugoslavia and the raised legend « EC / MONITOR / MISSION « in three lines, contained within a raised ring. Between the ring and the raised rim are 12 stars.

on the reverse: A large dove of peace in flight, an olive branch in its beak.

A small ring at the top of the medal is linked to a larger ring through which the ribbon passes.

The ribbon is EU blue with two thin yellow stripes and thin stripes of blue, white and red at each end.