Commendation Command

Commendation Command

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The Command Commendation is awarded to recognize deeds or activities beyond the demand of normal duty. The Command Commendations may only be awarded by the following authorities:

  • Vice Chief of the Defence Staff;
  • Chief of the Maritime Staff;
  • Chief of the Land Staff;
  • Chief of the Air Staff;
  • Chief Military Personnel Command;
  • Commander of Canada Command;
  • Commander of the Canadian Expeditionary Force Command;
  • Commander of the Canadian Operational Support Command;
  • Commander of the Canadian Special Operations Forces Command;
  • Deputy Commander NORAD;

Nominations shall be submitted in accordance with A-AD-200-000/AG-000, The Honours, Flags and Heritage Structure of the Canadian Forces.


The Command Commendation may be awarded to:

  • members of the Canadian Forces (CF) who perform a deed or activity beyond the demands of normal duty;
  • civilian members of the Defence Team who perform a deed or activity beyond the demands of normal duty and under exceptional circumstances; and
  • members of the armed forces of a country other than Canada for an achievement or for meritorious service that is of benefit to Canada or the CF.


The insignia for Command Commendations is a silver bar bearing three maple leaves.


Not Applicable


The insignia is worn on the uniform in accordance with A-AD-265-000/AG-001, CF Dress Instructions.


Not Applicable


Command Commendations are accompanied by scrolls signed by an appropriate NDHQ group principal or a commander of a command.